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Back Return Policy

Under no circumstances will a return be allowed for the following items:  Firearms, Magazines, Sights, Trigger Kits, Installed Parts, Broken Parts, or Modified Parts.

PistolGear has a 30-day return policy. This goes into effect from the date the order is shipped to the customer. The customer is responsible for all return shipping unless issue due to error by PistolGear. F

or returns, customer must reach out directly to PistolGear via the email provided in the contact information in the received emails. For damaged or non-functioning parts, many products carried by PistolGear offer manufacturer warranties. In the event of an issue, the customer must contact the manufacturer first.

Most manufacturers prefer to interface with customers directly when it comes to resolving issues with their products. 

All refunds will be issued as store credit, in the amount paid by the customer for the returned item(s).  If Customer demands a credit back to their credit card, a credit will be issued for the amount paid by the customer for the returned item(s), less a 18% restocking fee. Any amount paid for shipping and handling fees will not be refunded.  If the customer’s order received free shipping, PistolGear will also deduct any amounts paid for shipping the customer’s order from the customer’s refund.  

Do not ship back an item without prior authorization from PistolGear. Unauthorized return or warranty claims will not be processed. 

In the event that you’re issued an RMA, PistolGear may provide your contact information (name, phone number, email) to the manufacturer of the product to finalize the processing of the RMA and to aid in product improvement.PistolGear’s warranty and return policy are void when any product shows any signs of alteration, modification, installation, or disassembly in any way, regardless of packaging quality.